Alice (jigglypuff) wrote in danlolradcliffe,

Asked for links, but according to 1849, our very own Dan said:

"Harry had been through so much because of him and yet no one was believing him that Voldemort was back. It made me think oh how Holocaust survivors must feel about Holocaust denial."

Real smooth, Dan. D;

Oh, and while I'm here!

Name: Kylie
Age: elderly [13]
Favourite Harry Potter film/book: the films failed at life. But Book 5 was pretty rad. D; *shot for lame pun*
Why do you think that Dan is loltastic? "IMMA TEH COOLESTEST INDIE PERSON EVER!!11!!! I LISTEN TO ALL THESE OBSCURE BANDS NOBODY'S EVER HEARD OF AND I AM TEH 1337." Plus, he plays Harry Potter, and sort of looks like him. Enough said.
Pick five songs that you would make out with Dan to and why.
SexyBack -- Justin Timberlake [because he secretly loves this song]
Barbie Girl -- Aqua [because I'm obsessed with that song, and it'd probably be degrading for him XD]
I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker -- Sandi Thom [I hate this song, but it'd be worth the look on his face. ^__^]
Bootylicious -- Destiny's Child
& because I'm not that mean and will give him some indie:
the cover of Crazy in Love by Snow Patrol
[to be fair, we actually have a similar music taste. <_<]
(after this, we will debate whether or not Dan would slap you round the head afterwards for trying to ruin his indie cred.) EDIT:!
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