don't put me in your arms (decent_nights) wrote in danlolradcliffe,
don't put me in your arms

lolz, where have you been all mah lyphe?!

Name: auriliea
Age: fifteen
Favourite Harry Potter film/book: my favourite book would either be prisoner of azkaban or order of phoenix
Why do you think that Dan is loltastic? a) he wants to -be- alex turner b) he's just *~*sew cool*~* with his *~*uber indie*~* taste and c) katie and I realise we are *~*more uber indier*~* than dan is, kay?!
Pick five songs that you would make out with Dan to and why. let me just say I don't make out with indiedickheads, kthnx. I think it'd be extremely funny if this song was played,
I bet you look good on the dancefloor because it's *~*arctic monkeys*~*
(after this, we will debate whether or not Dan would slap you round the head afterwards for trying to ruin his indie cred.) debate, plz.

thank you guyz. xx
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