frankie, o my god, frankie (laney_potter) wrote in danlolradcliffe,
frankie, o my god, frankie

I felt the need for a new post...

Name: Laney
Age: 15
Favourite Harry Potter film/book: 3rd/5th
Why do you think that Dan is loltastic? um cos he's Harry Potter and he rocks out loud
Pick five songs that you would make out with Dan to and why. um yea, as if I could even think of 5.. ermm lessee... *gets out iPod*
Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Off Her Clothes -Panic! At The Disco = cos it says the phrase "a better fuck" twice
Curtains Close -Arctic Monkeys (had to have at least one Monkeys song in here) = cos it's the best effing song the Monkeys have! plus it makes no sense and me making out with Dan Radcliffe would make no sense
Dirty Little Secret -All American Rejects = well I wouldn't exactly go out telling everyone I made out with Dan Radcliffe...
This Love -Maroon 5 = cos on iTunes, they had to put these stupid little computerized flowers between the people making out to make it 'appropriate' enough to sell and that just rocks my socks
A Day Late -Anberlin = cos this morning when I awoke, this was the song rocking in my ears and it's been stuck in my head all day

(after this, we will debate whether or not Dan would slap you round the head afterwards for trying to ruin his indie cred.)
erm.. okie then

let's see if I can figure out how to do a cut thingy to put some pictures in...

aww he tries so hard =)

cos this is just my favorite picture of Dan... is it just me or does it look like he's air guitaring.. once again..?


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