sukie in the graveyard (crazyharper) wrote in danlolradcliffe,
sukie in the graveyard


Name: Astrid
Age: 17
Favourite Harry Potter film/book: Favorite book was either Goblet of Fire or OoTP. As for films, definitely Prisoner of Azkaban.
Why do you think that Dan is loltastic? I just think everything about him is loltastic. He's a whiney pseudo-indie bitch who walks around with his nose in the air and namedrops obscure bands that he probably never listened to in his life. He would probably sell his soul to the devil if it meant he would be guaranteed the role of Alex Turner in Arctic Monkeys: The Life Story. Better yet, he'd probably ditch his acting career for a chance to be the new Arctic replacement bassist. Plus, that crying scene in Prizoner of Azkaban? I almost peed myself in hysterics.
Pick five songs that you would make out with Dan to and why. *snort* I would never make out with Dan. Period. Robert Pattinson, on the other hand...
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